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The Hospitality Industry Is Seeing Resurgence In Demand – And IIHM Is At The Forefront

Have you ever wondered why the travel and hospitality sector is one of the most attractive career choices in India? It seems that every other person aspires to be a part of this industry. And, it’s no surprise – with the rebound in tourism, the sector is seeing maximum hiring in March. Wondering what makes this industry so special? Keep reading to find out!

According to a research released on Friday, the travel and hospitality sector is experiencing a 357 percent increase in hiring sentiment as the holiday season approaches, escaping the shackles of last year’s pandemic waves.

However, the situation is currently evolving. As most economies have relaxed their travel restrictions and standards, a rise of travelers, and hence the hospitality and tourism industries, has already occurred.

Result? From cuisine to cruise ships to hotels, there are a plethora of job options in Hotel Management.

Furthermore, hotels and restaurants are spending money on advertising to reach out to more potential customers.

What does the hospitality business have in store for the future?

Covid 19 is having a global impact on the hospitality business. While some businesses have been able to adapt to digital platforms and continue their fight for survival, others have been hit hard by lockdowns, travel limitations, and social distancing conventions. As a result, hotel management professions were badly impacted, with thousands of workers losing their jobs.

Following the pandemic and global lockdowns, the hotel and tourism industries hit rock bottom, but are now fully recovered.

It erases all of your previous data before allowing you to begin again.

Is hotel management still a viable career option in 2022?

Careers in hotel management in 2022 will provide a plethora of options. Career prospects in hotel management are expected to increase sharply in 2022 and remain stable throughout the decade. As a result, it’s safe to claim that now is the best moment to sign up for a successful career in Hotel Management because the number of employment openings will treble.

Many aspiring hotel managers, on the other hand, are concerned about the industry’s future prospects. They believe the hospitality industry will not generate revenue in the future. However, the pandemic did not only affect the hotel and tourism industries. Furthermore, the post-pandemic healing period holds many possibilities. According to history, every conflict or pandemic has resulted in an increase in industry. This means that graduates of the Best Hotel Management Colleges can pursue successful careers in hotel management both in India and overseas.

The Top Major Reasons Why Career In Hotel Management Will Be An Excellent Choice in 2022

  • P.M. Modi’s ‘Make in India’ initiative is expected to attract international capital to the industrial sector, as well as contribute considerably to the country’s hotel and tourism industries. On top of that, India’s proactive tourism policy is a crucial enabler for the industry’s resurgence.
  • Careers in hotel management provide high-paying professions, rapid advancement, and the opportunity to travel the world and learn about diverse cultures.
  • Continually greeting new customers to the hotel means you’ll face fresh challenges and requests every day, which will keep your workday fascinating.
  • Hotel management offers a wealth of opportunities, but you’ll need to be adaptable to take use of them. So, if you enjoy demanding and exciting tasks, consider one of the various Hotel Management careers and get started now.

Why International Institute Of Hotel Management (IIHM) for Hotel Management Course?

At IIHM, we now have over 10,000 students working towards their goals of being professional hotel managers. Many dreams have come true during the course of our lives. With our hotel management education, you can find a rewarding and well-paying profession, travel the world, and have a successful career. Our students work for companies like Taj, ITC, Oberois, and more than 50 others in the hospitality industry. Our students receive 100% placement support from IIHM. Hotel management careers are bright and secure with the IIHM.

Final Verdict

The travel and hospitality sector in India has rebounded with maximum hiring in March. According to the latest data from IIHM, the country’s leading hotel management institute, this is good news for young professionals looking to make a career in these industries. IIHM offers world-class training that will give you the skills you need to work in some of the best hotels and resorts across India and around the globe. So if you are interested in a career in travel and hospitality, now is definitely the time to act. Contact us today to learn more about our courses and how we can help you launch your successful career in this exciting field!

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"I am currently working at Novotel, Ahmedabad formerly workeday The Park Hyatt, Hyderabad. I've also worked at Zee Cine Awards. In the industry I am glad, I learned from the best IIHM. It taught me all disciplines, all the values and what hospitality is all about. Whatever I doing and will be doing always be related to IIHM & all the faculties."

Rahul Mehta – Sales and Marketing
Novotel , Ahmedabad

"I love my entire career to IIHM. IIHM inculcated Discipline,Relationship building & Team Management Skill. Without 3 assets of the service industry I would not be where I am without IIHM. Thank you IIHM."

Santanu Ghosh – Sr. Director

"IIHM made me realize my passion for cooking. Thank to all faculty members for lighting up the desire in me. IIHM enable me to secure a job in Australia which helped boost my career."

Bernard Lee – Sous Chef
QT Hotels & Resorts, Canberra, Australia

"I could not have been more fortunate and IIHM is always going to be a very very important part of my life and it is all thanks to them that I am here."

Somya Mishra – Event Co-ordinator
JW Marriott Hotel Kolkata

"Post my pass out I joined Oberoi and I moved to Marriot. Over here I am working as a Housekeeping Executive and as far IIHM concerned its the college where from the very first day the faculty, the director they make sure that you are groomed in such a way that you are ready by competition of 3 years, you are ready to work with hotels "

Mr. Sumanta – (Housekeeping Executive)
JW Marriott Hotel Kolkata

"Started my career with Raheja Group of Hotels, worked 10 years in the Taj group of hotels, now working in Fort Jadhavgargh. IIHM is a very good college whatever I am today to become something. To become something you need to have a base what I have got from my college. What I have learnt at IIHM is helping me today."

Biswajit Biswas – (General Manager)
Fort Jadhavgargh

"IIHM has been a wondrous platform for me for achieve my goals. Along with the constant support of my faculty. Wishing IIHM all the success."

Marriot Marquis Miami, USA

"I was a student of IIHM in 2011-2014 Batch & specialized in F&B Service. It is a glorious brand I'd say because it is recognised globally and everyone knows what IIHM stands for, its fun and its learning mashed up together. I wish the faculties,the alumnies & the students of IIHM a beautiful & glorious success. "

Hyatt Regency , Kolkata

"Forever thankful to IIHM for what I am today. I would love to take this opportunity to thank the entire team of IIHM for the grand success and the mark that they made last 26 years."

ESHA GHOSH – Associate Director (Event Sales)
Hyatt Regency , Kolkata

"I am Hovaz and I come from Iran. I wanted to study in IIHM Hotel School in India and therefore I came to Kolkata. IIHM is renowned as an institute that prepares students to succeed in International Hotels, and that is what I look forward to. I am in the 2013 -2016 batch and now I am studying in the Final Year Thanks to IIHM."

Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort , United States

"With a brilliant academic success behind herself, She graduated with a gold medal from IIHM. But, She had shown more entrepreneurial skills throughout the tenure of her education in IIHM than in other areas of engagements. Immediately after her education she started her own restaurant by the name The Wise Owl which has already become famous in the locality."

SIDDHIKA GHOSH – Managing Partner & Owner
The Wise Owl Steakhouse , Kolkata

"I graduated in Hospitality Management from IIHM in the year 1999. That I studied at IIHM was my advantage. After graduation I joined the kitchen. But my fundamentals were very strong and quickly rose through the ranks and today I am the Executive Sous Chef in International The Lalit, Delhi."

PRADIPTA SINHA – Executive Sous Chef
International The Lalit, Delhi

"With the help of IIHM I Graduated in hospility management and came to USA on Internship. After completing my Internship, I completed my masters in hospility management from Columbia University. I want to thank my teachers at IIHM and my colleagues who helped me to nurture my dreams in my college."

Dayapal – Food & Beverage Manager
Park Hyatt, Washington DC

"The three years that I spent at IIHM were a big transitional stage in my life. It helped me prepare myself to work with great confidence. The assignments with challenging"

AMIT DASH – Executive Chef
Hotel Westin , Pune

"I could not have felt more at home in a place so different from Armenia. I love every moment I spend at the IIHM Hotel School whether it is cooking up an Indian meal in the kitchen or supervising over a Food and Beverage Festival in one of the city’s favourite event management venue. There are always new skills to develop, people to meet and experiences to encounter that will help me to succeed in my future. I am also the Captain of IIHM Rugby Team. "

IIHM , Kolkata

"Life certainly does surprise you with its unexpected turns. I never knew that three years of long journey with IIHM would lead me to the dream hotels of many, Marriott. I cannot thank IIHM enough, along with everyone for their consistent support. And I certainly hope to continue making my IIHM proud."


"I am Hovaz and I come from Iran. I wanted to study in IIHM Hotel School in India and therefore I came to Kolkata. IIHM is renowned as an institute that prepares students to succeed in International Hotels, and that is what I look forward to. I am in the 2013 -2016 batch and now I am studying in the Final Year Thanks to IIHM."

Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort , United States

"It is the finer aspects of training & transparency that keep our talents intact. We at Siyaji believe the company is only as good as its people. Hence we are proud to have maximum leaders from within. This has resulted in the growth of our culture, talent & organization. "

Kunal Katoch – VP Operations
Sayaji Hotels Limited
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